Life at 1572: My son is the worst sleeper in the world

My son is the worst sleeper in the world

Day after day it is a continuous struggle to get Jack to nap or sleep at night. We've tried it all comfort, rocking, feeding, cry it out (CIO), and just when we think something is starting to work it stops. He seems to be going in reverse when it comes to the night. Months ago we would put him down at 8pm he'd go out like a light, and I wouldn't hear from him again until about 3:30am. From there it has just become worse and worse. Now, it isn't uncommon for him to go to bed at 8pm and wake 4 times just before midnight, and it might take him an hour to fall asleep. He is up all times of the night, this is getting to be physically draining.
During the day he has never been much of a napper. I hear stories of mothers regaling about how their child takes two 2 hour naps a day. Well, good for you! I am lucky to get an hour nap out of Jack, and lately he's cut them down to 20 minutes. The other strange thing is my son doesn't know how to lie down. I've read that once they start standing you can have trouble with them standing in their cribs, stuck because they can't get down. Well, this really isn't his issue, he knows how to sit down from a standing position. He just can't figure out, or just doesn't know that he can lie down. It is totally weird. Even if he's super tired he won't lay on the floor or anything. I was talking to my mom about this issue, and she was saying you would think that would be instinctual. So, I have been trying to teach him to lie down. This is kind of a hard thing to do. We sit on the floor and I help him lie down, and I pat his back and say things like,"That feels good, very comfy". He just doesn't seem to get it. This morning I put him down for his nap. He had all the sleepy signs, and he proceeded to scream for an hour in his crib. I figure this is my last hope. All of the reading says just let them CIO and yes, they will figure it out. So, all of this rambling leads to these two pictures. I find them pretty funny. Guess he still hasn't figured out how to lie down. Got to go now Jack is upstairs screaming, after sleeping for only 15 min. We have issues!!!


janet said...

Oh Jack,what a kid!! The days of sleeping until noon are memories.
i remember talking mine into laying with me on my bed and my eyes were slits checking to see if they went to sleep,being sooooo tired.

Grandma Rosie said...

Wish I had some words of wisdom but, no. Our generation just said let them CIO. His dad wasn't the best "night sleeper" either. Although not this bad. Zach was a bottle baby and as long as he had the bottle with something in it he was good to sleep. Problem being, he was HELL to break from the bottle. As for Jack's Aunt Evy, she was great when it came time for bed. Just put her in there and to sleep she went. Sorry, I am not much help.

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