Life at 1572: Sleepless in San Diego

Sleepless in San Diego

For the past five days Jack hasn't wanted to nap, eat, or sleep at night. On top of that he's vomited three mornings in a row. Two of which ended up on our bed. Yuck! This kid still isn't sleeping through the night. Now, I've been okay with that, my body has adjusted to the lack of sleep. Lately, though he wants to cry, or sit up in his bed as if it is the middle of the day. Daddy, isn't very happy to hear "Daaddaaa!" as Jack proceeds to smack Zach, on his back at 3:30 in the morning. I've called our pedi and she is going to see us this afternoon. We will see what she has to say, maybe it will just be teething. Hopefully, she will have some sort of solution, and we can get back to our regular schedule. I'll keep ya posted.

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janet said...

He won't be able to say "No I'm not crying." The eyebrows tell it all.

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