Life at 1572: Some not to good news

Some not to good news

We've been doing this round and round thing with the Marine Corps, and with exactly Zach might be doing since he reenlisted. I'm warning you now this may turn into a long story. Zach reenlisted in March for another 4 years. He was given one year retention to stay here at Miramar to get a package together if he would like to do something else. That means he can't get orders until March. He decided he was going to change his job to an MCT instructor. These are the courses that combat engineers (which Zach is) go to after they complete boot camp. The whole reason for deciding on MCT was that it is a non deploy job, and that is most important to him. The next step is to get his package together to start the application process. He has to get all this stuff signed, and do all this extra stuff. He gets it done, and turns it in. Then supposedly the career planner lost it. Great! So he starts another one. While he's in the process of starting the process over he hears these rumors about a new battalion they are creating up in 29 Palms, call 3rd CEB. At first they started taking volunteers to go, and then they gave a few people orders. We don't want 3rd CEB because they are all set to go to Iraq, and they are supposed to be deploying 6months there, 6 months home for the next 3 years. It is also in the middle of nothing.

Now, I should mention that being an MCT instructor is what they call a B billet. From what I understand this means it is a specialty that they encourage Marines to do, but it isn't necessary for them to approve it. With the start up of 3rd CEB they have decided to close out all B billets for combat engineers because they are only at 87%, and don't have enough people to create this new battalion. So MCT instructor, and all hopes of Zach not deploying again are out the window. Now, we face him possibly getting orders in March, or sometime after for who knows where, or he will stay at Miramar and deploy again with the guys here. Zach is really upset about all this. Unfortunately he had his hopes up for the MCT. As for me I'm counting down the days until the Presidential election. I plan to make my vote count, and maybe this damn war can be over. (Insert every horrible, nasty thought about Bush here)


aunt evy said...

give zach hugs and kisses for me and tell him that im very sorry about the whole things. and i that i love and miss him so much. and i love and miss you and jackson. i hope that you all are doing ok.

Grandma Rosie said...

Believe me I will be voting him out as well. We all can only hope and pray that this does the trick. We can also only pray that Bub goes someplace that he will be happy with and they do not have plans to go back over before that. Hope all is going good today. Sounds like things are calming down out there. Hope LeighAnn and Pete are OK. Heard that they evacuated some of Pendleton. Love you all. Be safe.

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