Life at 1572: Blogging away...

Blogging away...

Jack admiring all of his loot it is all packed & ready to go to dad's work. bye bye candy!
Random picture Jack taking an early evening nap on dad
mmmmm...this sucker is yummy
awww...kissing Kennedy

This month is National Blogging month, and there is this thing that you can sign up for, and you are supposed to try to blog everyday for the entire month. I didn't sign up, but I was going to try it anyway. Well, I've already failed b/c I see that it is already the second, plus I won't have a computer in Mo so I guess forget it. We had a good day today. Jack, was walking everywhere! Many times all the way across the entire living room. He has gone his farthest distance yet! He is so cute. He gets so excited and wants to go really fast, almost like a run, and then he falls down. Then he tries to stand up and get moving fast, and just falls before he gets his balance. Once he gets this all figured out he is going to be running! Remember how we all said he'd be such a different baby once he could get going? It was true, he has his moments, but he is so happy now that he can go, go, go. Start baby proofing your houses now!! I hope he keeps it up so when we visit Mo everyone can enjoy all the kisses Jack likes to give. Once you get him started he just kisses and kisses. He has even learned to give Kennedy kisses. He was giving he sloppy ones on her eye today. All those baby kisses are the best. He got to enjoy some of a sucker today. He loved it, and he proceeded to share it with daddy, mommy, and he even tried to give sam a lick holding it out for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what a great pic of Jack with all that candy, its like he knows already what Halloween means.If he was a pirate this pic would look like he found his treasure! And the pic taking a nap with dad is great. Lets hope he still likes to give kisses or RECIEVE kisses because we are into that.

Luv, Aunt Janet oooxxx

Grandma Rosie said...

Oh my goodness, look at that BIG boy. It is so hard to believe that he is almost 1!! Seems like just yesterday. Coming back here is MUCH better than blogging everyday so don't worry about signing up for that. LOL ALL of us would much rather have you here, seeing all of you in person, and getting all of those wonderful kisses, rather than the blog. Love you all and we are counting the days til you are back in MO.

kalyn said...

he is getting so big!!
wow. i can't believe it almost ONE!

cant wait to see you all.

love you all!

xo xo

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