Life at 1572: Thinking about a new pet

Thinking about a new pet

Well, kind of a pet anyway. I am thinking about getting Jack some fish. I think this tank would be well suited for the job. I just want something small that we could possibly put in his room. He is pretty curious about fish when we are around them. Just something simple, but fun for him to watch. Does it sound like a bad idea? Yes, something else to take care of, and clean! Then again they are just fish. I'm not really a fan of fish, but I do think it might be fun for Jack.

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Aunt Janet said...

Well, I guess its your turn - we have all been there with fish. The problem with fish is that when you just buy a bowl and 1-2 fish without the tank system etc. they don't last long but much easier to clean than a tank and you MUST keep up on the cleaning of a tank or it SMELLS & takes forever to get clean again! Also it can get expensive a tank system plus fish. Like I said its your turn, I have seen a lamp or something like that with fake fish that swim around, look for that first, Jack would like it just as much. You will have many years of looking for all kinds of reptiles, especially if he acts like his cousin, Eric!

Well I forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you guys celebrate??

Pics are good!!

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