Life at 1572: Title?


Some of our Christmas Lights
Jack coming back from the park
Jack and daddy

I've been having trouble coming up with titles for all of my posts. My mind just goes blank. We've had a stressful couple of days around here, but things should be resolved and back to normal soon. I've had Christmas shopping on my mind. Is yours finished? We haven't even started. I think we are making it a small Christmas this year. Jack, got so many gifts for his birthday already. My sister shipped me all of his toys, and I think they will be here tomorrow. That's what I should do just leave them in their boxes, and wrap those up, LOL. That's what everyone says I should do, just re-wrap the stuff he got for his birthday. I'd feel guilty letting him open things that other people got him. He doesn't really understand so I guess it wouldn't matter anyway.

A few updates on Jack. We've been working on his sleeping since our Missouri trip. The night we got back it was super late, and he was awake and wired so we just all crashed in our bed. Then the next day we were all DEAD tired. Jack, started to fuss that night, but I could barely move so I just let him CIO. Then the next night we did the same thing, and we figured we'd done that much we should just continue it. So we have, and it looks like things are working. He wakes a couple of times, but a few nights he's slept all the way through. We all get better sleep when he's in his own bed. Jack, and I were cosleeping half the night while we were in Mo, he just wanted to nurse all night long, and it just was getting to be too much. Since he's not night nursing I think his apatite might be getting a little bigger during the day. He's never been a picky eater, he just doesn't eat much at a sitting. Today I even made him his own macaroni-and-cheese, and I froze it into individual portions in muffin trays. We were wasting money on the GG food when I could do it myself. He's taken a liking to one of Kennedy's pacis that he found around the house. So now you see him walking around with a pink pacifier, it is very funny. He's also discovered his love of brushing his hair also, very cute to see. He had too much pent up energy today so I sent him to the park with Daddy. I just love to watch him toddle about across the street. He's getting to be such a big boy.


Grandma Rosie said...

Who needs titles? Just having you blog and keeping us up on all the happenings there in CA is wonderful. Great to hear that maybe Jack is finally getting the hang of things and letting mom get a good night sleep.
Miss you all already. Hugs and kisses. Love you all.

Aunt Janet said...

The online pics are good of all of you.. so many to chose from, wish Sam could of been there. Wondering if Jack seems to miss all of the attention he was getting from everyone, we sure miss him! Your front area looks festive, I'm not in the mood yet it hits me late - sometimes too late! Looks like snow again Zach, are you sending vibes again?? Please go to the mountains to get your snow fix so we can have some dry weather!!
Yes, wrap up the gifts he will be just as happy -- you have only a few years like this, be smart take advantage, Santa will keep you broke for many years to come!!

Miss all take care xxxooo

Aunt Janet said...

Oh you could title with countdown till "Santa"
See ya!!

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