Life at 1572: I'm crazy

I'm crazy

Okay, can I share my crazy dream with you? I was trying to take a nap on new years eve, and ended up not sleeping that well. I dreamed about this GIANT moose. The thing was taller than the house. Somehow the moose became friendly so it was in the house. It was actually in the gymnasium in my house because for some reason my house had a full size gym. Also, in the gym were all these little kids like a class or something. Then, and this is totally gross, the moose started it's period. So I went and looked it up on the internet, and read that a moose gets mean and crazy then, so I was freaking out trying to figure out how to save all these little kids from this hormone enraged moose. I woke up then not knowing if I saved the kids or what happened. Needless to say it was a horrible nap. I tried to piece together the madness. All could come up with was the moose because I had just read an email about a farmer that uses a moose to work, and the kids in the gym come from my prime time days. Yes, I am crazy :)


Grandma Rosie said...

Not crazy. A couple of months ago I had a dream about 2 Moose that tried to trample me in a field along a highway.
Very weird dreaming of moose????? Maybe there is something to it??

Aunt Janet said...

Did you have the dream because I sent you an email of the farmer that raised this moose from being a little thing and now he hitches him up to plow??
And whats this you really get naps!!??


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