Life at 1572: Pretty bored

Pretty bored

Zach, is back at JTF. I guess they are building and repairing roads for the border patrol this time. He's working long days, but doesn't really seem to mind it. This is all just part of training for Iraq, they have to wear all of their gear and stuff. So with him gone I am pretty dang bored. Over the weekend I went in search of some things to keep me busy. I bought a new book on Friday and then I preceded to finish it on Saturday. Thus being the reason I never buy books for myself because I feel like I waste our money because I read them too fast. That being said I made an exception and went and bought 3 more books from the exchange because they are always 35% off. I am going to try and make them last. I also searched for a craft to keep my busy. I bought a stamped cross stitch quilt for Jack. It is probably going to take me forever so that is a good thing. I am also trying to go through Jack's baby clothes that don't fit him anymore. He has this box in his room where I throw the clothes, and it is growing into a mountain. I keep telling myself I need to get them into space bags so they can be put away. I have always wanted a quilt made out of his baby clothes and Pete's mom, who is a great quilter, has said she will make one for me. So, now I am trying to decide what clothes to use. Even though I really want the quilt I am having a hard time. I pick up an outfit and think do I really want this cut up? I think I should save them for sentimental value, or for hand me downs for another child. I know going ahead and having them used for the quilt is the best thing. Otherwise what am I going to do get them out of a box in 15 years stare at them for a second, and then just put them away? This way they can be seen and used all the time. I also have to decide how big I want the quilt. Zach, wants a big one that Jack can put on his bed when he's older, or that we could use. I hate to ask for a really big quilt though. I'm just not sure. I can tell you I am super excited about it. This is really weird, but I am always jealous of people that have quilts. I think there is nothing better than having something handmade, that means something, that you can keep in your family. I hope to one day get a sewing machine so I can learn the skill myself. Wow, this is getting really long winded. Sorry, about that! I am starved for adult conversation. So every boring thought is ending up on my blog. Okay I am going to wind down for bed. I'm trying to make it to sleep by 12:30 at the latest.


Grandma Rosie said...

A quilt is a wonderful idea. You need to buy a book to teach yourself how to do it. You are so talented you could do this without a machine. You probably have enough clothes that you would still have hand me downs except, the next baby has to be a girl so.... LOLOLOL ;) Besides, that would definately keep you busy.

Don't worry about getting long winded in you blogs, we love reading them. It's wonderful to hear everything.

Love you all.

Hugs and kisses

Aunt Debbie said...

I just started learning to quilt last year and it's been a fun challenge. There are alot of good how-to books. It's a great hobby and not terribly expensive. I pick up inexpensive cotton material at Wal-Mart for $1-$2 a yard. Good luck Amy!

Aunt Janet said...

Maybe you should inquire at your church if anyone knows of a quilting circle with daycare of course. That will be your handicap,most quilters are probably older with no children. But you could get something started among the young moms! Maybe the church would let you use their room for weekly get-togethers?? You probably should see what programs they have anyway, so you will have some outside contact with adults, keep you from getting depressed & an obligation to be somewhere.

Sewing was NOT my thing, but making certain wall hangings & macrame' was very popular & I enjoyed making them. I loved doing ceramics, went every week to classes with a girlfriend, that kinda went out of style, not so many places do that anymore! I'm talking BC(before children):-)

Keep blogging - we enjoy the ideas-please throw in a pic or two every now & then, I visit previous ones to look at the pics again, & the one with Pete sleeping on the couch I noticed Sam curled at his feet 2nd time around lol!!

We love & miss all of you guys!!
Hope you are giving daily hugs & kisses to Jack from all of us!xxxooo

Heather said...

That is so funny I have started making quilts just like that for both of the girls! Im just doing special shirts from certain occasions or material from outfits from like birthdays and that kind of thing. I am just doing it by hand though. Going to take awhile but i am excited about it. Let me know how yours is going.

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