Life at 1572: ugh


What a day it was. Jack, and I didn't mesh that well today. He wanted something all day, and I just couldn't figure out what it was. He sat there clapping his hands, pointing, and saying "dis." I kept telling him to show mommy, but nothing worked. Hopefully, he'll just forget about it for tomorrow. I didn't get to bed until 4 am the other night so it was another hard long day. I think rather than just laying in bed I should get up and do stuff. That way my time would be useful because during the day I am wiped out. Yesterday, Jack and I were in the kitchen, and he was kind of in the way so I told him to go play with his toys, and he walked right into his play area sat down and started playing. I was shocked, and it was neat to see that he could really understand me. We get our gate for the kitchen this weekend. Yay! Jack, is going to hate it, but it is going to save us grief.

On an up note look who is on the cover of Rolling Stone (yummy) Guess I'll be buying myself a little reading material tomorrow, LOL.

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Aunt Janet said...

It is amazing to see when things start to click in their little heads.But you really need to reverse your day & night thing. I know your logic about getting more done when everyone is asleep & not underfoot,BUT your going to run down doing that day after day, & with Zach gone at this time, you need to be on a normal schedule. Try to find something like a book to read at night or cup of hot tea, to relax - even adults need a schedule to go by especially moms, we just think we have to keep going 24/7!You could have like a spa thing to relax you, bubbles in the tub,while getting a facial, it sounds good I need to do it!!It probably takes a while to get settled with the feeling of Zach not there,wish we were closer in miles!!!If you start having rough days with Jack, he could sense your not being the same "mommy", so get your "beauty sleep"!!

Love you, send Zach our love

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