Life at 1572: Weekend Update

Weekend Update

Checking out the fish

Seeing the chimps

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we decided to go to the zoo. It was really the perfect day, sunny but not hot at all. We ended up walking the entire zoo. It was fun to see Jack react to all of the animals. He would hold his arm out, and point to what he could see. He stood for the longest time watching the fish in the hippo tank. We saw way more animals then we ever do when we go there. I think because we went so early. We saw a mommy gorilla nursing her baby. That was a neat sight. I'm enjoying getting out, and doing things that we haven't done in a long time.

Sunday was our first time back to church since before we left for Missouri. It was very nice to go. Jack, is in a new room now that he is a year old, he is in the 12-15 month room. The room was really full of kids, and I tried to warn them of what it might be like. We were just hoping now that he is really mobile that it would make it better. When the lady put him down he zoomed right for the toys. We never got called out of service, and when we picked him up he was sitting in a girl's lap playing with a toy. He cried when he saw me, and he might have been crying a little before because he had a runny nose, but overall it was a success! We stayed around the house the rest of the day. Zach, and I watched the movie Superbad. Not normally my type of movie, but omg was it hysterical!! We were dying laughing! We rented it from ppv, and dvred it so I think I'll watch it again. Today, we planned to take Sam to the dog park, but it was raining all day. Instead we went to the dollar store and bought Jack a balloon. They had some at church, and he was really wanting one. Zach, left this evening for JTF. They are really behind on their work so he most likely won't be home this weekend. Not much going on for me this week. I'm getting our taxes done tomorrow, and Jack has a dr appointment on Wed.

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kalyn said...

I am jealous you went to the Zoo. Katie and I have been wanting to go for a while now. Superbad is an amazing movie, very funny.

miss you guys.
love you.

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