Life at 1572: Pretty, Pretty, Picture

Pretty, Pretty, Picture

Gggrrrrr! This is my frustration with blogger right now. I haven't been able to use my spell check in FOREVER, and now it isn't letting me upload pictures. Everytime I click it freezes everything up and then won't exit out. They need to get these bugs fixed soon. Hopefully, I can post this after typing everything.

The other day I am sitting at the computer catching up on e-mails, and I hear this funny little sound...squeak squeak, squeak squeak. I look down beside me and squatting, in that funny little way he does is Jack, with a black permanent marker grasped in his little hand. He was drawing me a very large picture on the kitchen linoleum. Oh my God! I jumped out of my chair springing into action. I ripped the marker out of his hand, and dove under the sink grabbing my magic eraser sponge saying silent prayers that it would indeed remove permanent marker like the comercial says it does. I only paused for a second thinking about how I really should take a picture of this. Haha! Then remembering I don't want to end up paying for Jack's linoleum masterpiece. I quickly started scrubbing feriously. Whew!! It did all come off the floor. Jack, just sat back with a stunned look on his face. Poor thing he was trying to make mommy a pretty picture. From that point on he has been very busy scribbling away on his magna doodle. I think it is time to get out the crayons and attempt coloring once more.

We can now add Ball to his vocab. He says "Ba"
I promise pictures to come when things get worked out.


Grandma Rosie said...

Thank goodness for Magic Erasers. LOLOLOL Get ready for the colors on the walls now!!!! Need to get those new colors and paper that only mark on the paper. Looks like something that could work great.

Love and miss you all. Hugs and kisses

The Swigarts said...

That story is one you will laugh about years from now. Too bad you didn't get a photo. Hope all is going well, look forward to talking to you soon.
Miss you all

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