Life at 1572: Weekend update

Weekend update

We went bowling at MCRD on Saturday afternoon. I have been wanting to go for a really long time. You can't beat the prices at $2.50 a game. We bowled 3 games, and Jack enjoyed every minute of it. He stood and clapped when either of us would toss the ball down the ally. I lost the first game, but then found my groove and I kicked Zach's butt. We couldn't do much on Sunday because it was raining all day. We did go to church in the morning. I had to force myself out of bed, it is hard getting up so early on Sunday. As usual the service was great. It is such a wonderful church, if we ever have to move I will really miss it. Jack, did pretty well in his Pebbles room. He cried when we left him, but they had some heart balloons so that totally got him distracted. He only cries when we go to pick him up. We were going to check out our YMCA in consideration of joining, but we never got around to it. I'm just not sure about joining. The two main reasons for joining are the pool because Jack loves to swim, and they provide child care while Zach and I wold workout or whatever. It just stinks because they pretty much offer everything here on base for free except for the pool. Here on base though none of the gyms offer childcare. The swimming would be fun, Jack is a little fish.

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Grandma Rosie said...

So glad to hear you might be joining the Y. That would be so good for the 3 of you. Might meet some couples for you to hang with. I know that since Pete and Leigh Ann moved you 2 are lonely. It would be great for Jack too.

Hugs and kisses.

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