Life at 1572

Jack, had a little accident today. First thing this morning he tripped and bumped his nose on our tv stand in our room. He cried so hard. At first I couldn't figure out exactly what he did. Then I noticed the big gash on his nose. It didn't seem that deep, but it didn't close until this evening. I think he scrunches his nose, and it bothers it. What a way to start the day.


Grandma Rosie said...

The first of I am sure many boo boo's that boy will have. Be prepared!!!!!

Aunt Janet said...

Ouch!! It looks like it is going to turn many different colors of bruise before its gone.
Eric was about Jack's age when we went to the ER for stitches in his forehead - not fun at all!!!

Just remember if he ever falls and bumps his teeth, push on them whichever top or bottom. Even if they look okay, push on them to put them back in place if loose before a trip to the dentist, learned that the hard way with Kalyn! That keeps any blood from clotting or forming under the

Keep your chin up,


Singell Family said...

Poor little guy! I always hate it when the girls get owies as constance calls them! Hope it doesnt bother him too much!

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