Life at 1572: Promotion!


I Love my Sgt.

Zach, got promoted to Sergeant today! I am so proud of him. This feels like a big one. It is two months overdue, and he's been waiting. I'm so proud of you honey! You are such a hard worker, and a deserving Marine.
semper fi


Aunt Janet said...

So proud Zach!! Hope this helps you & your family in which direction you want to accomplish.
Again congrats!!

Love to all.

heather said...

Thats really great! Tell him congrats from me, David and the girls!!

Grandma Rosie said...

Should have posted a comment last weeek and don't ask me why I didn't but, I AM SO, SO PROUD of you, my wonderful son. I know you are very deserving of this.

Love you so much.

Hugs and Kisses. Talk to you soon and will see you in just 11 DAYS :)

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