Life at 1572: Time to unplug

Time to unplug

Recently, I watched an interview on one of the morning shows about how as a society we are getting more and more plugged into our technology. As a result our kids are picking up this technology at a younger and younger age. Along with this we are becoming more self absorbed into our own little worlds. I know with myself I am a computer aholic. I can't start my day without checking my e-mail, and reading my Google Reader. I am also a tv junky. Most of my shows get DVRed and watched after Jack goes to bed. I must admit though we do have the tv on most of the day. Mostly just for some background noise. So far Jack really isn't into tv that much. The only show he will actually watch is Bunny Town because they sing songs almost throughout the entire show. Even at a young age though he is totally into the computer, my cell phone, and the Wii. Not that any of these thing in moderation are bad, but I think we could use a break from them. Time just for the two of us to explore, learn, and play. Plus I am totally against addictions so I don't like it when I start to rely on something too much. So, we are going to take the weekend, and maybe some of next week, depending on how things go, to unplug and unwind.


OHmommy said...

Well said. I saw that too.

I have to say... my DVR saves me a lot of time skiping through commercials. What did we ever do without it?

Oh, yeah... now I remember. We talked during commercials.

Yes. You are right. Time to unplug!

Singell Family said...

I wish you well with your technology detox!!! Your very brave!

Aunt Janet said...

You know its the time we are in now, we didn't have this stuff but some loved to ride around all day, to be in a car going "somewhere" is as addicting. So every generation will have a hang up. But the bad part it looks like its going to be nonphysical! Nobody gets out for all day to be outside.

Just get on for awhile getting mail, check bank accts, your blog, then get off until after dinner, since my computer is down, it is kinda peaceful-- can't check anything until I get to work.

See ya


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