Life at 1572: We had a great Sunday!

We had a great Sunday!

This is probably going to be a super long post.

Whitney, Jackson, and I left at 5:30 in the morning to head to Yuma, AZ. Where our husbands are currently doing training or Iraq. From here in San Diego I'd say it is a little over a 2 1/2 hour drive. The drive there was fine, we talked the entire way. We were following direction that I had from my Key Volunteer. They didn't include how many miles, or even a map. When we got there we drove down the street, and on our right side is the Marine base. We keep driving passing every gate entrance. Still following the directions we then turned left, on County Rd 14 I might add, now driving away from the base. On this road we were surrounded by orange groves, and a fields on our right. We couldn't see how this could be the way were supposed to go. Then suddenly there is this little gate to let you into where the guys are based. Just after the fields stop, and the desert starts. When Zach, tells me he is in the middle of nowhere, he really means it.

Jack, was very excited to see his daddy. He was giving him kisses, and for the rest of the day too. It says something because he hasn't been willing to give me a kiss in about a week! We got on the road for their haircut, and to try to find something to do. Jack, was very cute. He was on the far side of the car in his car seat, and Zach was crammed in the middle sitting next to him. At one point Zach, told me to sit in the middle because he was uncomfortable. We didn't get 10 seconds down the road before Jack really started acting up. I told Zach, that I thought Jack, really wanted to sit by him. So, we climbed over each other, and Jack instantly became just fine. He sat in his seat holding his daddy's hand.

We then went on a search for a park where Jack, could get out and go play. We never could find one so we just went to the base housing and used theirs. The heat was really starting to pick up. After we all went to lunch. We got to eat at SONIC! Zach, and I miss Sonic so much since they don't have it in SD. We armed ourselves with our Route 44 cherry limeades, and were very happy campers. After lunch we went to walmart to pick up a few things. Also, something we lack in Ca, it was a super center. We were there for a while just try to pass the time. After that we drove around Yuma just seeing what there might be for us to do. We finally settled on this outdoor mall they have. It is one of the newer things in Yuma, and it is really nice. We walked around, and did a little shopping. Then it was time for dinner, and we had a tough decision to make Logan's Roadhouse or Cracker Barrel. Two more things we lack in Ca. The guys finally decided they wanted a steak so we went to Logan's. It was really very good. Jack, was good all day. He only took maybe a 30 minute nap the entire do so considering that, he did a great job. Then it was time for the guys to head back to there camp. We hadn't seen it before, and it looked like the scenes of MASH. Upon, telling Zach that he then told me I am dork. We said our good-byes, and talked about what a nice day we had . The drive home went pretty well. Jack, slept, but then he woke up, and had a melt down because he was so tired. I had to ride the rest of the way in the back with him.

Today, we are home, and I am dead tired. I think I could have slept the entire day.


Grandma Rosie said...

So glad you seemed to have a nice visit with Zach, and love the HAIR pic of Jack. LOLOLOL A little static???

Aunt Janet said...

Pics are good, it looks like Jack is happy to be with daddy. His meltdown also could of been when he woke he thought maybe daddy was still there. He will have bad days out of nowhere, which could be daddy withdrawals!

Glad you have a friend to go with you, it would of been impossible to handle the drive & Jack by yourself.
Its funny how people get used to the fast food places, I haven't been to Sonic in a long time. Usually was the 1st stop in the baseball days!!

Love ooooxxxx

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