Life at 1572: Coronado


Leaving the beach. He kept going down the stairs back to the water while we packed things up.
Don't let those cheeks fool ya he didn't get burned
Sleeping hard
playing in the water

I dug a hole, then we buried him, lol

Here are some pictures of our beach trip last weekend. We went to Coronado, and it was really perfect. I am afraid it is going to be very busy after this weekend! We went after church on Sunday, and we packed a cooler and everything. We didn't really think everything out too well though. We didn't bring trunks or a swim diaper for Jack, and we forgot something to sit on. We had fun though! We were only there three hours, and I was a red lobster when we got home. I kept spraying on the sunscreen on Jack while we were there so he didn't burn. He was very good considering we were playing around during his nap time. Jack, didn't last long from the short walk to the car he passed out. He didn't even move when I moved him to his carseat. That is the picture above. The fresh ocean air does that to you! Jack, loves the ocean now. The first time he got in a few months ago he screamed and cried. Now, when we take him we can't drag him out of it. The water is VERY cold too! He loves it though. He doesn't like to wait for the waves to come in to him. So, he just keeps walking further and further out trying to catch them. We have to hold his hand to keep him up near the beach. They almost knock him over, but he has the hardest time when they go back out. That is when he loses his balance. It is official he is our beach bum! I love it!!!

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Grandma Rosie said...

Jack didn't look like he really liked being buried in the sand. Other than that, A TRUE BEACH BUM!!!!!!!!!!

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