Life at 1572: In The Wiggles World

In The Wiggles World

Watching with Daddy
Watching with Mommy

Jack, watching the Wiggles with mommy and daddy. I DVR the shows so he has plenty to choose from. Every morning when he wakes up we bring him into our bed, and then I blindly grab the remote, and I scroll down to the listing of Wiggles. Thank goodness for alphabetical order because it is at the end. I never have my contacts in, and I am super blind. Then he watches a little while I try to get my eyes open, LOL. Lately he has been pointing at the tv downstairs and saying, "Peas, Peas" So, sometimes we cuddle with him on the couch for a special treat of Wiggle time. He loves all the songs they sing.

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Aunt Janet said...

Those Wiggles are as popular today for kids as Sesame Street was or Ninja Turtles were for you guys!He is learning how to sit & listen, sometimes sitting still can be challenging to kids.
Cute pic, starting a habit, hope you are willing to continue this every morning.Is there a backup video when he gets burnt out of this one?


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