Life at 1572: My baby is 18 months!

My baby is 18 months!

18 months
8 days old you can see his curly toe in this pic. The overlapping of the toes. They are much better than this, now.

Jack, is a 1 1/2 year old! It is hard for me to believe. This second year seems like it is going so fast. He is getting so big. We had his 18 month appointment at the doctor today, and they said he looks like a two year old. We often get comments that he is big, and on the tall side. I think it is just hard for me to see. He is saying about 15 words now. The newest one is burger, he learned that one last night. The Dr said he is right on schedule for vocabulary. Just this past week he learned to tip his sippy cup to get a drink. I almost jumped out of my seat to do a happy dance when I saw him do it for the first time. We have been trying to teach him to tip for the longest time. He just took a little longer to learn it. He knows all of his body parts by pointing at them. He is starting to get into those temper tantrums. Not too often, and so far not in public. Knock on wood! We have started implementing time out with a naughty spot for him to sit on. He only sits there for a minute, and at first I thought he was too little, but he really seems to get it. Sometimes he gets too carried away with crying and screaming, and it helps him to calm down when he sits there. He is my little climbing monkey. He will climb on anything and everything. Even if it is a few inches above the floor you can find him trying to stand on it. Yesterday, he figured out how to climb on the end table, LOL!

Today, he weighed 23lbs 15%, 33 inches 70%, and head circumference at 70%. I asked if we should be concerned about his weight, and the doctor said he seems happy and healthy so not to worry. He said if we wanted to try to make an extra effort we could try to give him more foods with a healthy higher fat contents live avocados. Everything else checked out fine. When Jack, was little he was diagnosed with curly toe, and we were told it should get better as he started to walk. I had to doctor check it out because it hasn't changed much. He watched Jack walk, and said he did see a little overlapping of the toes, and some curvature. He asked if he falls often. He does fall, but I'm not sure if it is more than average. So, the doctor wants us to go to a bone doctor, and Jack may have to have his toes casted to correct the problem. He received his two shots, and didn't even cry when he got them. I was very impressed!


The Swigarts said...

he is getting so big, I can not believe it. I can not tell you how much I wish we were still in SD and Kennedy and Jack could still interact, I think they would love it! Hopefully we will see you all again sooner than later.

Grandma Rosie said...

So, is this the beginning of "pot-tie" training? LOL

It is SO hard to believe he is 18 months. We here have missed out on so much. He is such a precious boy.

I am praying that the bone doctor says he will grow out of the curly toe's and you don't have to go through the aweful pain of casts. That would not be fun for any of you, I am sure. Let me know when/if you make the appointment.

Love and miss all of you.

Hugs and kisses.

Aunt Janet said...

That is impressive -- NO crying for shots. Good Boy, Jack!!
Kalyn had her whole leg curled inward when she was an infant, had it looked at & it straightened out by itself. No sign of it today.
Yes it is unbelievable that he is going to be 2!!! Seems like Emma has been 3 forever, & Jack's time has flown by.


Aunt Janet said...

Looking at the pics again, I noticed the infant pic has the glow-worm in it, getting changed & then wrapped up becoming the glow-worm he was for a while! That thing was a pain in the neck.


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