Life at 1572

We made another trip to Julian, Ca. Of course we stopped for some pie from the Julian Pie Company. It is yummy, and if you visit the site you can even order one for yourself! I wasn't sure if Eric was really going to enjoy Julian. They have old shops, and you can go on horse drawn carriage rides. Basically, just a small old town. He ended up saying it was really cool. I had to convince him about the pie. One he doesn't really like pie, and two he isn't much of an apple pie fan. I told him to trust me because I am the same way, and even I think it is really good. He got a piece, and said it was the best piece of apple pie he has ever had.

We had Sesame Street come to the base yesterday. They put on a free show for the kids. We got there an hour early, and the line was wrapped around the building. Some how we ended up getting second row seats. They also gave the kids these light up spinning Elmo toys. Jacked just loved his. He kind of just stood there mesmerized while they sang and danced, but as soon as they ended a song he clapped and smiled.

He got some attention from Cookie Monster, and a high five from Grover. That is his fuzzy blue arm up there.


Grandma Rosie said...

I am not much of a "pie" person either but, they are great apple pies, I have to agree.

Looks like all had fun with the Seasame Street gang.

Hugs and kisses.

Aunt janet said...

Pics are great - also the new blog top format is good. Glad to see a family pic!

Lucky Jack , he has had a full fun summer, more outings than kids at Prime-time!!!

I know Eric has had a blast. Hope you enjoyed your cousin around for a month.

Talk later oooooxxxxx

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