Life at 1572: 3rd Deployment

3rd Deployment

Getting on the bus.
I was glad to find him.
Daddy and Uncle Adam
Kisses goodbye

The day started at 3:00 this morning very early. They had to be ready for formation at 4:30. We waited while they got passed word, and loaded all of their gear. We were given a couple of hours to spend together. Wives, girlfriends, Moms and Dads all clutching to our Marines not wanting to say goodbye. They actually offered us a little breakfast this time. Jack, started with a muffin, but soon switched to a chocolate donut. We tried explaining to Jack several times that Daddy was leaving. We all kept it together fairly well. Around 6:30 they loaded onto the bus. Jack, thought this part was cool. Just a few weeks ago he learned what a bus is, and now he finds them everywhere. Our car rides are littered with the word bus. He thought is was really cool that Daddy got to go on the bus. He kept saying, "Daddy, Anum (Adam), bus?" Yes, Daddy and Uncle Adam are going bye-bye on the bus. We said our final goodbyes, and they drove off. The hardest part for me is always going home to the empty house. Knowing he won't be here for such a long time. Each deployment has something different. The first time I lived at home still, the second one he left me 7 months pregnant, and this time Jack is almost two. I think this time it will be harder for him to be away, and a little easier for me.

We have many things to be grateful for. This deployment could be much longer than it is. He is going to a relatively safe place. He will be doing the same things he has done the past two times. There is really good communication, and I get to hear from him nearly everyday. So tonight we will count our blessings, and say a prayer for Daddy.


Grandma Rosie said...

Oh how brave you are!!! We are praying for all of them over there and praying he will be home in May, as it should be.

Hugs and kisses!!!

Love you all.

Krisi said...

There is nothing anyone can say to make you miss him less or worry less or wish that he was there to see that new little something Jack has learned. But know that we all understand that too and we are sending you all the love, prayers and support we can.

patrick and mandi said...

I'm sending lots of prayers from here... I hope it goes by super fast for you! Gosh, I can't imagine being on your third deployment... you'll have to give me tips, as this upcoming one is my first! Hang in there!

Heather said...

Oh honey, Im so sorry you had to say goodbye to him again. I know how hard that first trip home is to an empty house. At least you have Jack there to keep you busy. Love ya!

Aunt Janet said...

3rd & final - right? Everyday thoughts of prayers he & others will be home soon, I am sure each time is VERY hard to deal with. So many decisions to make by yourself, but lucky you to be able to talk to him.

So tell him we are proud & be safe!

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