Life at 1572: 2008 Air Show

2008 Air Show

At the beginning of the month we went to the Miramar Air Show that is put on here on the base. Always a fun time that I look forward to. The Blue Angles were here again this year. It is very exciting because they fly right over the house. Jack, and I went outside to watch them practice a few days before the show.


patrick and mandi said...

Oooh I am so jealous! New River is too small to have the Blue Angels come for our air show, but they do come to Cherry Point's... too bad it was 100+ degrees that day and I was already 5 months pregnant, I would love love to see them someday!

Aunt janet said...

I love to see the earplugs in Jack's ears. Its amazing he doesn't touch them & it looks like they could fall out at any moment!
Cute pic!

Yes its about time you got back from the "break" of not blogging!!

I am trying to recover from a flu virus -- the coughing spells is what I hate the most. Luckily I have the "good stuff" for cough medicine. Whenever my kids were sick I would ALWAYS ask the doctor for presciption cough med because the over the counter never worked, & told him a big bottle please I have 3 kids! So remember to do that when you go to the dr's for kids!

Talk to you later, oh what is jack going to be this year -- last year was Charlie Brown.

oooxxx Tell Zach hello, we send our love.

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