Life at 1572: Fall Photos

Fall Photos

fall Pictures, Images and Photos

Fall colors Pictures, Images and Photos

Changing of the leaves Pictures, Images and Photos

I am very jealous of those of you that get to experience the beautiful fall foliage. Here in Southern California it was 90 degrees today, and the closest thing we have to fall orange is the fires that are starting up.

So, I have a photo assignment for those of you that feel like participating. Find some fall foliage and snap some photos. Blog them, email them whatever you like. Just look around you and try to find something beautiful about fall. We are not talking about perfection!

I understand that some of you might not like taking pictures, or that the trees may be finished in your area. Feel free to include a favorite recipe, tradition, decoration, or memory.


Michelle Leigh said...

That last pic is awesome!

I'd love that assignment and I'll do my best, but the colors are just about done here. They peaked a week ago. Stay tuned!

Heather said...

Ok I will go out and take some tomorrow, and then Sunday we plan on going to the park and getting some good ones of the girls for thier fall pictures.

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