Life at 1572: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We are gearing up for trick-or-treating tonight. Jack, has practiced ad he can say it, but I think he will be too shy at the door. I will have pictures to post later.

1. What are you Halloween plans?
2. Are you dressing up?
3. What are your kids going be for Halloween?
4. What is your favorite type of candy?


Burgh Baby said...

Alexis TOTALLY chickened out once she got to the door. I think she had fun, but I'm not sure since she kept her face buried in my side. ;-)

Happy Halloween!

Aunt Janet said...

Halloween was a bust this year, only had around 10 -15 kids!! The weather was too good for Missouri Halloween, kids are used to the cold or wet nights for trick & treating.
I know churches were having alot of parties for kids. Don't know where they were but not in my neighborhood this year.

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