Life at 1572: I'm not ready for this.

I'm not ready for this.

Lord help me the terrible twos are certainly here, or some kind of horrible phase. Jack, and I have been battling for the past week. He went to sleep my sweet little boy, and awoke as a cranky independent toddler. He is so stubborn. I tell him to stop doing so and so, and he just looks at me with a look that says, "make me." Then when I start towards him he's off running in the other direction. He might decide to do the right thing for oh, I'd say about 5 seconds, then he's back to doing something he shouldn't be. He is really in a testing the limits, and my patients phase. Punishment doesn't seem to phase him in the least. I've tried time outs, everything. He wants to do what he wants to do. I keep picturing him at 15, and have a feeling I'll be in for it. Then he can turn on a dime, and be my sweet little baby again.
Currently, he goes throughout the day saying ouch over and over again. At absolutely nothing. If he gets food on himself from lunch he says ouch. If I pick him up to put him in the car he says it. I can't figure out if that is just the word he has picked to use as a form of complaint, or maybe he doesn't get what it means. All day long I hear this 50,000 times a day. When we are out in public people are going to think I'm really hurting him. I hope he picks a new word soon. Something nice please.


Heather said...

Lol! Love the pics. I know what you are going through and it can get very frustrating. Ivy is going through it too, although thankfully not as much as her sister did. Constance is still very defiant. She just has more words she can use to get her point across!!lol not good!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics I wish you could get some pics of how long his hair is since you say it is so long. I am sorry that I cannot be there while he is going through this stage in his life I feel as though I am missing out on all of the important times in his life but I guess that is the life that I chose when I reenlisted. I love and miss you both very much.


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