Life at 1572: Zach update

Zach update

Just to let family, and everyone know I have heard from Zach. He called me on Saturday and again on Sunday. He is finally in Iraq, and he is trying to get settled in. They won't begin working until sometime this week. He found out he will be working nights this time. Generally doing the same things though. That may be a change of pace for him this time. As of then he was rooming alone because the room he is supposed to be in is still occupied. The guys living there had to go on a mission, and they took their keys with them. He will be farther from the phone center so I will not be getting my daily phone calls, but I am grateful for what I get!!

We are still working on confirming what his address is. He thought he had it right, but turns out it isn't. I will email and let family know ASAP. So, you can feel free to send boxes, or letters to him while he is there.

Jack, seems to be doing okay. He has woken at night a couple of times, and that is a little unusual. Could just be teething pain. Sometimes during the day he asks for Daddy or Adam, but I just remind him that they left on the bus. That seems to satisfy him for now. I have booked my plane tickets home for us. YES!!! I am so excited to go home to Missouri. It has been a year since I have been back. I really miss my family. It will be so nice to get to visit for a while. I hope it snows while we are there.


Heather said...

Im glad you got to hear from him and he is safe. I know how long the wait feels til that first call. Hope you and Jack are doing well.

Aunt Janet said...

Great to hear that! His body is going to be mixed up with the flight & then working nights.

Sam will be soooooo excited when you guys come home. I hope he can take it. Might have to meet him close to the door - in case of an accident of excitement!

Need to see a countdown to Missouri.

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