Life at 1572: 2 year well visit

2 year well visit

We had Jack's two year well check since we won't be home when he turns two. His stats are

34 1/2 inches 75%
25lbs 25%

He has grown an inch since June. His weight is still very low, but the doctor isn't very concerned. He said some little ones are just tall and skinny. I mentioned to the doctor about him saying ow several times a day. He gave him a good once over, and said he didn't see anything that would be causing pain. The doctor did see a little pressure on his left ear, but it isn't an infection and shouldn't cause discomfort. The visit went well. Our doctor is very nice, and has such a great bedside manor. Jack, was a little shy, but didn't cry. He didn't even cry during his flu shot. Our doctor said he's worried that this is going to be a bad flu season because they don't think the right flu strains were picked for the vaccines. We are going to be busy washing hands, and trying to avoid the germs.

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Aunt Janet said...

Boy this has got to be a record with Jack getting shots & not crying. Mine were quite the opposite! Has he stopped saying ouch, he might of liked the sound of that word.


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