Life at 1572: Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy!

Excuse the amount of pictures. They are for his daddy.
Trying on his winter coat and hat.
His daddy doll

Giving daddy kisses.

Checking him out.

Opening his daddy doll.

Big boy opening his gifts.

Listening while we sang to him.
His cake

Jack, is turning the Big two! His birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we had his party today. All the family showed up, and it was so nice to see everyone. Zach requested that I blog about it tonight so he can get a chance to see it.

We had a nice day. His party theme was Mickey Mouse. Luckily he took a really good nap, and was up and ready for party time. He wasn't shy at all when the family was here. That really surprises me. I was such a shy child. His little cousins came over, and he soon fell in love with them, and played really well. He is the only boy with three little girls. He had lots of presents to open. It didn't take him long to start ripping through the paper. Forget about reading the card, he wanted to get to the good stuff. He got some warm clothes, and a very nice winter coat. We will be needing them here in the Missouri winter. Many fun new toys to play with. When he opened his gifts he would say, "Wooowww" to each and every one of them. It was so cute! We saved the best for last. He opened his hug a hero doll, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. I was crying my head off. It was really hard for me not to cry the entire time. I couldn't sing to him when we sang happy birthday. I had a lump in my throat missing Zach, and wishing he was with us. The first thing he said when he opened his doll was Daddy! He's cuddled up with him tonight. We enjoyed our cake and ice cream, and visited the rest of the evening.


Singell Family said...

Ok, now Im crying! lol I cant believe our babies are turning two! Glad he had a great birthday party. The cake was really cute. Miss you guys!

Michelle Leigh said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! I too had tears in my eyes reading! That daddy doll is a really great idea. It gives kids something tangible to hold onto. I'm glad it was a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Jack and Happy Birthing Day to you, Momma! I am so sorry that Zach is not able to be here with you to celebrate such a momentous day, but am happy that Jack has his Daddy doll to help remind him of his father. Thanks to both you and your family for the great sacrifices that you are making to ensure that my family has the freedoms they do. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

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