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Lazy blogger

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging very much. Jack, has been sick since Monday. It seems like now it is turning into a cough. Ugh! I took him to the doctor on Wednesday because I wanted them to make sure it wasn't turning into an ear thing since we are flying soon. He had fluid in each ear, but no infection. The doctor wrote us out a prescription just in case it turns into something while we are gone. We've had our fair share of doctors appointments this week. I had a nurses appointment on Friday, an eye appointment today, and I have to go see my doctor again on Monday. It might be more than some want to know, but I have really high blood pressure, and the medicines I am taking just aren't working. My doctor wanted me to have a kidney ultrasound, and and echo done. Both things didn't get done because the insurance company didn't get the orders in time. It started when I was pregnant, and it is on both sides of my family. I am hoping to figure out what is causing it.

We are getting ready to fly to Missouri for the holidays. We should be gone at least through January. So, if I don't get to comment as much on your blog I am sorry. I will still be reading! Still stop by here because I am going to try to post when I can. I haven't had any pictures because my camera lens has a nice big sticky mark on it, and I don't have any camera cleaner.

I've been spending my day trying to get all the laundry done, and clean all the rooms in the house. I'm trying to finish up the last minute things before we leave. So, much to be done.


Aunt Janet said...

We always wait to the last day to get packed & laundry, BUT its no fun with a little one & by yourself.
24 hrs to go -- its Sam's Day!
He cried with excitement the other day when I went over because I hadn't seen them in awhile.So I can imagine what he will be like when you & Jack come in. He is so proud of his new sweater, wears it all the time.

Good luck on the plane with Jack.
I just filled up & it costs me $23.00 for almost 15 gal. $1.54 a gal!! Its lower than it was 7 yrs ago, $1.61 then.

See ya soon,

Michelle Leigh said...

I hope Jack is feeling better! All the kiddos are sick around here! Not fun.

I hope you get things figured out, sounds scary.

Have fun on your trip!

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