Life at 1572: Playing around

Playing around

He said he was seepin (sleeping)
Boys can't stay clean

Peeking out his window

Stuck trying to climb out his window

I can't believe election day is tomorrow! I am so excited to see what happens. I hope everyone gets out there to vote.
We haven't been doing much around here. Whittney made Jack a house out of a box. That kept him entertained for a little while last night. He figured out it was more fun to climb in and out of his window rather than the doors.
Zach, seems to be good. He called to hear all about Jack's trick-or-treating. I shipped him my first packages, and he's looking forward to getting them. I sent him a moto mail so that seems to be up and running too.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh it looks like he is getting so much bigger already and i have only been gone for a month. I love being able to look at the blog when i get a chance. It always makes me smile just to see what he is doing now.


Aunt Janet said...

When your away, kids seem so much bigger & smarter. Last year we could still get away with cuddles & kisses, this year will be different when they come visit!
I am sure he is more independent & you get a kiss when he feels like it.Soon to be Sam's day!

Zach,hope your doing okay, its good to hear your comments too!
Stay safe, sending hugs!


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