Life at 1572: Santa Train

Santa Train

Jack and Adrianna all bundled up.

Santa Train

Jack and Santa

Every year here Santa's train comes rolling through the town. Making frequent stops for all the boys and girls. We took Jack, and his cousin came along too. Poor things it was freezing outside. I think we had just had our first snow the night before. Luckily, Aunt Janet tagged along and she had her lawn chair. The little ones snuggled together under a blanket, and I hand fed them popcorn. They were so cute, but oh so cold! Neither of them were that thrilled to meet Santa by the time we got our turn, but it was fun anyway. It was a quick say hi to Santa, and off again. Any longer and I think Jack would have burst into tears. He loved the train part of it though. He talks about it everyday now. He says, "Santa...lap...train." When we leave the house he thinks we are going to see Santa and his train again.


Aunt Janet said...

It was a long wait -- for Santa & the tour of the train, BUT those little ones were good!
Even though I haven't seen as much as Jack & Amy as I would like to (too many jobs) it is always fun when I do see them. Jack is quite the entertainer & talker. Its very hard not to laugh at everything he does.I think the most enjoyable is Jack letting me kiss on him a lot and the hugs too!! I haven't seen him unhappy yet, what a joy!

Not wanting to see the day they go back,Sam will be sad too!

Miss you Zach,
its been snowing here for you!

Burgh Baby said...

The Santa Train is a very cute idea! Not sure how fun sitting in the cold would be, though.

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