Life at 1572: Bit of an update

Bit of an update

We have had a great past couple of weeks while Zach was on leave. It was very relaxing, and time seemed to slow down. I think Zach had a nice Father’s Day. I made my first attempt at biscuits and gravy, and they came out really well. I had a McCormick’s packaged gravy on hand just in case my gravy didn’t turn out, but everything turned out fine. I got him a couple of Wii games for Father’s day. One game that we will have fun playing together, and the other is Tiger Woods Golf 2010. Shoot me now for buying that game. There is nothing more boring than a golf video game, or watching someone play a golf video game, but he enjoys it so that’s what counts.

We have been to the fair a few times. We love the fair out here. They have some animals, but mostly it is just building after building of crafts, and gadgets to buy. Things you probably thought you would never need, but you walk out with one because man it was a heck of a deal. It has more of a home show feeling to it than a fair. Jack has enjoyed seeing all of the animals. Mostly, they just have cows and goats this year. He was actually brave and petted them without being scared at all. It got to the point of him calling the cows to him.

Despite it being kind of silly I have to write something about Jon and Kate’s decision to divorce. I have watched this show since it was just the small TLC special. I watched their announcement show the other night with Zach, and I was just deeply saddened. In fact I had a fitful sleep because I couldn’t get them off of my mind. Zach and I both thought it was awful that there has been no mention of them trying any methods to reconcile their differences like counseling or something. It just seems to be like that’s it, it is over nothing we can do here. Yes, Kate can be a bossy bitch, and she does need to relax a bit. That would have helped the situation greatly, but I think Jon just came off looking like a self centered jackass. His “I’m only 32…” and “I’m excited” comments just made me furious. He seems to be a man that feels like he’s wasted 10 years of his life, and he’d rather be 22 than grow up and deal with the things around him. I feel so badly for those kids. It sickened me that they felt they had to have a show to announce this to the world. I wish someone would pull the plug on the entire thing. Things have gotten too out of hand. This used to be a sweet show about a family struggling through the day to day tasks while trying to raise multiples. I found it much more interesting when I watched Kate do mundane things like do the laundry rather than watch them receive trip after trip, and now every episode has to have a theme and a free gift attached to it. It is all for the ratings forget that these are real kids that have to live their lives after this whole mess is over. To add insult to injury TLC says Monday’s episode will be a retrospective clip show on their 10 year marriage. Yuck, no thanks!


Singell Family said...

I totally agree with everything you said about Jon and Kate. I loved that show, but now its just not the same. I read yesterday that they are putting the show on hold for a bit from lack of material. I just feel sorry for the kids. Im sure this is so hard on them.

Aunt janet said...

It would be nice if their fans could comment on a page for advise & support for them (even though I lean towards Kate's side). Hopefully whatever judge they have has also watched the show & insists on counceling before the divorce is final.She had so many weird rules for the camera people in her kitchen, you would think a big rule of not using the family for ratings would of been #1. The free stuff did get to them - they are other shows, 18+ - that are still together.My advice to them is get a lawyer & have a trust fund so tight that the next husband or WIFE can't touch!!!!!!!

Glad to hear you guys had fun, the fair sounds fun for all. Give Jack a squeeze, hope he looks at the pic book every once in awhile!


Singell Family said...

lol, I forgot to add earlier... remember when we tried to make buscuits and gravy when we were teenagers! haha, the gravy turned all brown! lol

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