Life at 1572: Disneyland Recap

Disneyland Recap

I have a lot of catching up to do since LeighAnn’s visit. We had an awesome time! We got to do so many things, but mostly I think I loved having a friend here for Jack everyday for a week. The kids got along pretty well. We had the usual problems with trouble remembering to share, but they got over it quickly. We filled the week with the zoo, the wild animal park, Disneyland for two days, California Adventure, and an afternoon at the beach. Be prepared for a very long post summarizing each day so that I can remember it all 20 years from now.

We had a great time at Disneyland. We drove up Wednesday morning, and checked in early to the resort. This was the first time any of us had stayed at the resort. We started off doing all the little kid rides for the little ones. Those rides were pretty fun; I hadn’t ridden most of them. Jack seemed to like most of them. While we waited in line he would be very excited, but when it came to be our turn he freaked out. He enjoyed the ride part, and by then end of it he would say, “Yay, do it again!” The only ride he didn’t really enjoy was Dumbo. He screamed his head off for that one. That day we just rode rides, ate food, checked out the parade, and left the park early for our hotel. We were all very tired from getting up so early in the morning.

Snow White

The second day at Disney we were able to start the day when the park opened. We rode a few rides until toontown opened up. Jack, loved the teacups. In toontown we were able to get the kid’s pictures with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. Goofy took a liking to Jack. He walked him all around, and played with him for a bit. It was very cute, and Jack was just had a shocked look on his face. I was glad meeting the characters was going so well because last time we saw Goofy Jack burst into tears. After that we had to race back to the resort for our breakfast with Goofy. A buffet where the Characters come around to the tables for the kids. Zach had the great idea to get the kids autograph books before we went to the breakfast. Out of all of the times we have been there Jack has never had an autograph book. The food was delicious and we were able to see Belle, Pluto, Goofy, Baloo, Chip, and Dale. Jack, even got to dance with Goofy. It was a perfect chance to get autographs for the kids.

After breakfast we headed back to the park for more rides. We also stood in line to meet with the princesses. We met Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. After the long line Jack wasn’t really in the mood to meet them, but we got a few pictures. The rest of the afternoon is a blur to me, but we did ask two park workers if there were fireworks that night, and the both said no. LeighAnn and I knew that we had read that there were going to be fireworks that night. So, Zach decided to ask one of the parade workers, and he confirmed that yes there were fireworks. I was glad we hadn’t left early. We staked out our usual fireworks spot, and enjoyed the show. Back at the room we were all so hungry so we ordered pizza, and then passed out.

The third day we headed back to Disneyland for more pictures with Mickey and Minnie. We wanted the kids to have their autographs too. Then we headed over to California Adventure. We grabbed some lunch, and then went to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show. After that the kids fell asleep until the Pixar Parade. That is such a fun Parade. Jack loved it because he knew all of the characters. We went to all of the kids rides in the Bugs Life area, and then we walked around because we were all too tired to stand in line for anymore rides. That night we got to see the Electrical Parade, and that was really neat. We had never been able to see that one before. After that we went home finally getting home about one in the morning. It was a very fun filled, but also very tiring three days.


Aunt janet said...

Whats amazing is the things done different each time you go, & it takes at least 3 full days!

I hope Jack will remember Disneyland when he gets older, he has to have a record of visits before the age of 3.

He does look tired or scared in some of the pics.


Singell Family said...

Im so glad you guys had a great time. Disney is just so much fun especially when you have kids to take!

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