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New House




We made it to Illinois on Monday to check out the house we are interested in.  I snapped a few  cruddy pictures with my cell phone.  That is the kitchen and the front entry.  What we see out our backyard. Nothing... There is an airport out there some place.  A picture of the dining room.  I thought I grabbed a picture of the living room, but I guess I missed it.  It has three bedrooms.  The third bedroom is pretty small so the sooner we get the basement rooms finished the better.  It does have a few flaws like marks all on the walls, and I guess his wife started some painting, and didn't finish it.  It should be fine though the guy we are renting it from just said to treat it like it is our own, and we can do what we want with it.  I am very grateful though even if it isn't perfect.  It is a house, and it has a backyard, and hopefully a finished basement.  All of the things I wished we would get in a house.  

We didn't spend much time in it just a day and night.  We are going back this weekend to move some things into it, and I think I will even start painting.  If all goes well then we will be signing the lease on Wednesday.  Cross your fingers everything goes as planned.

I promise to get more, and better pictures this weekend.

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The Swigarts said...

glad to see you found something. It is nice that he is letting you do what you want, that will be nice. Most rental properties are all white inside.

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