Life at 1572: Preschool


This will be Jack's second year of preschool.  This mama is counting down the days until school starts.  What do you mean I have to wait until after Labor Day?!  Geesh!  I shopped and shopped around for the perfect place for him.  That search turned into okay is there anything we can just plain afford?  When we lived on a military base we got the military perks, an awesome preschool for only $17 a week.  Well, welcome to the big bad civilian world where everything costs a bazillion dollars.  While, we didn't expect to find anything cheap we were still having a bit of sticker shock.  

The only school we found in our price range was just going to have to do if he was going to school this year.  We took a tour, and frankly my heart didn't jump for joy.  It was in a church, but not affiliated with the church.  Not that that really mattered.  It was in an old church though, and the church had a bit of a smell.  It was also on a side of town that is a bit iffy.  Despite my reservations I signed him up anyway.  Then I spent the next few days pouring over preschools making sure this was really the only preschool we could find.  

Then I found it.

A preschool that seemed too good to be true.  They had spots open, and it only cost a smidgen more than the other school.  I took a tour and Jack and I both fell in love. They have cool aquariums in the lobby, and their staff is so nice.  They are more of a play based preschool where they teach through play.  That way the kids are still learning, but they are totally having fun at the same time.  This excited me, while I want Jack to learn and be prepared for Kindergarten I want him to have lots of playtime and enjoy himself.  The teacher showed me the garden the kids all grew last year.  They have a nice playground, and even a water play area.  

There are two teachers to a room, and each teacher picks the kids they want to observe for the year.  They then take pictures and write little reports on your child.  At the end of the year I will get a binder showing all of the different things Jack has done, what he's learned, and what he needs to work on.  If this place wasn't sweet enough they even have a Chef that makes all of the meals and snacks, and I'm not talking chicken nuggets here people.  The Chef makes regular meals, vegetarian meals, and even vegan meals.  Once a week the families can sign up for the meal of the week, and you are given an entire dinner including dessert.  Jack loved our visit so much he cried when we had to leave.  

He'll be going three days a week this year a few hours each day.  The only thing I wish was that the hours were a bit longer, but I am still really excited for him.  He really needs to get around some kids his age, and get some energy out.  I hope this place lives up to all the things it seems to offer.  

PS I am trying out a new font.  Is this better or not?  I have a large computer monitor so I'm not sure if that makes a difference for me.  


Michelle Leigh said...

Sounds like a great place for him to learn and expolore! Preschool in my opinion is so invaluable! I can't believe you paid $17/mo before! I pay $130 for Bianca's preschool and almost $300 for Annika's all day K each month! I'd die for a $17 bill!

PS ,the font is good, but my mac laptop is kind of small so it looks just right to me.

Singell Family said...

Thats awesome that you found such a great preschool! Our preschool here on post is about $60 bucks a month for Ivy to go two days a week. Its a little pricey in my opinion for just three hours a day, but I just love the preschool here! Hope he has lots of fun in his new school this year!

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