Life at 1572: Friday At Last

Friday At Last

I just got in from shoveling the driveway, that was an undertaking.  Oh, the differences of no longer living in San Diego.  The snow has really piled up around here.  It seems as though we have had snow almost every few days.  I really do love it.

I almost have all of my Christmas shopping done.  Are you finished?  Presents all wrapped?  I usually have my shopping all finished by Thanksgiving, but not this year.  All around me though I have been hearing stories of people just now getting their decorations up.  It seems everyone is having a bit of a late start.  

This month has gone by WAY to quickly.  I'm not ready for it to almost be Christmas.  I love my decorations and my tree, and I am not ready for it to be almost time to put them away.  

I am off to inventory the baking ingredients I have been collecting.  It is baking day in a few days! What is your favorite cookie?  What about your favorite holiday treat?

Painting his ornaments.
Painting Ornaments


Heather Singell said...

Love your ornaments you guys made! I may have to try that with the girls tomorrow just for something to do! Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays!!

Burgh Baby said...

I have adopted Three Kings Day as my last day to have decorations up. It's nice getting that extra week with the sparkly and glittery stuff.

Oh, and that photo? ADORABLE!

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