Life at 1572: First Giveaway

First Giveaway

     I have been wanting to talk to you all about a hair product that we have been using in our house.  It is renewing moroccan argan oil made by Organix.  You might have heard celebrities, and hair stylists touting how about how fabulous moroccan argan oil is .  There is a more expensive well known moroccan oil that everyone seems to love, but before I shelled out big bucks for it I was hoping I could find a product that was similar, and maybe wouldn't put such a dent in my wallet.


I picked up the Organix brand oil, and thought I would give it a try.  I have used it for a few weeks now, and I really do love it.  

Quoting the back of the bottle it says, "This rare formula has a centuries-old history of providing natural vitamin E and antioxidants while renewing your hair's cell structure, sealing in shine, and creating lush softness."

I brush my hair after I shower, and then apply the oil (it takes a VERY tiny amount) to my hair from my ears down, and then I run a brush through my hair to make sure it is distributed evenly.  I know what you are thinking that you can't put oil in your hair because it will make it look nasty, but this product doesn't.  I am prone to oily hair, and I don't have any problem using it.  I find the scent to be nice, and not too overpowering.  It really does leave my hair shiny and so soft.  The one thing that the more expensive oil claims is that it cuts down on drying time, and I am happy to say that I find that the Organix brand cuts down on drying time too.  Even though the company doesn't claim it will do this on the bottle.  I love this because my hair is really long, and when it starts taking me forever to dry my hair I start thinking about chopping all my hair off.  

Everyone in my family is loving this stuff.  We have all been using the same bottle myself, my mom, my husband, and I even put some on Jackson's hair after his bath.  

If you would like you can enter to win your own bottle of  Organix renewing moroccan argan oil.  

To Enter:
For your first entry just leave me a comment on this post. 
If you would like a second entry then scroll to the bottom, and follow this blog.  If you are already a follower please let me know in the comments.  

All entries must be entered by Friday midnight central time.
A winner will be picked on Saturday morning by

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this product, and have not been paid to review it.  I just like it and wanted to share!


Gina said...

I've never tried this brand, but you've got me wanting too! Also loved the photo's of your newest family members!

Heather Singell said...

Ohhh I want to try it too! Ive never actually heard about it before. My hair is getting super long and I need something cause its just a mess right now :) And as you know I already follow your blog!

Semper Fi Momma said...

I heard about Organix once, in Parent Magazine. Glad to read this review on it and know it's worth trying out.

And I already follow your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try it. Even though I just had a few inches cut off my hair, it's often still hard to brush through. Thanks for the great review and giveaway!

Shannon said...

I would love to try it!!! shannonforpeace(at)

Shannon said...

I follow via GFC. shannonforpeace(at)

Shauna Meryn Wickham said...

Love your tree at the top! :)

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