Life at 1572: Grayson 5 Months Old

Grayson 5 Months Old

He likes to suck his fingers sometimes

Oh, how I love these boys!

He has completely mastered rolling back to tummy.  I can't get him to even try rolling tummy to back.  I went to my friend Google to see if it could be of some assistance with this.  Come to find out Grayson decided to learn the more difficult roll, back to tummy, first.  It is actually easier for a baby to roll the other way.  So I find it funny that he isn't even trying to do it.  

He also chews his thumb.  I find it to be adorable. 

He's still sleeping through the night. (knock on wood) We have more difficult days when we get off of his schedule.  I never really had a schedule with Jack, but Grayson has basically put himself on one.  The boy likes his sleep.  It makes it hard to get out and do things, and when we do it messes him all up. He's getting a bit better about it.  

He's pretty much the happiest baby I have ever met.  I feel like I am bragging, but people always ask me how he is compared to Jack, or how it is having number two.  My answer always is Jack was an easy baby, and amazingly Grayson is even easier.  He's pretty laid back.  He has his certain things that set off the fussies for him.  He hates being wet/poopy.  Still doesn't love the car.  If something doesn't suite him then he definitely has a temper.  He goes 90 miles an hour into a scream.  You would think I was chopping his leg off.  Just as fast as it starts though it is over, and he's back to all smiles.  

Scary picture.  He does this thing where he takes his tongue and sucks his top lip.  It is so funny, and I want to get it on video sometime.

He's still napping three times a day.  Something we are struggling with.  He just can't make it between 3-7:30 for his bed time.  He always end up catnapping, and then he's up until 9 or 9:30.  I'd love to get him to take two, two hour naps instead.  

He loves his bath.  I have started giving them to him in the sink.  He loves to kick and splash.  I have to put a towel on the floor, and usually both the towel and I are soaked at the end of the bath.  

He really is Mr. Happy 99% of the time. 

He has taken a few short naps in his crib.  We are uncomfortable with it because he likes to sleep with a blanket right by his face.  He can't fall asleep without it because he rubs his face on it.  We really want to get a video baby monitor so that way we can see him while he's in there, and know that he is okay.  

Practicing his sitting.

He still nurses great.  He will be exclusively breastfed until he is 6 months old.  There are just so many health benefits to it.  I hope to blog about it soon.  After 6 months we will add in some solids, but we are in no rush.

I weighed him at Daddy's office, and he's 15lbs with clothes and a diaper on.  

He crashed in Dad's arms this is rare.

He wears 3-6 months and 6 month clothes.  

Still cloth diapering and loving it! 

He said Mama for the first time, but we haven't heard anything since then.  

This is my sweet boy first thing in the morning.


Zach said...

I love all of the pictures except the one with me in it, I challenge anyone that reads this that does not know me to guess how old I am, just curious be honest I wont get mad trust me I have probably heard worse. However my favorite is the one of Grayson sitting. Babe these are great pictures. Once again I am so glad that you are blogging again.

Kalyn said...

I say this constantly, and I show my mom constantly but he looks so much like your mom and I think it's amazing and great. He has her smile, cheeks and eyes, my mom agrees. He also looks more like you I think too. Such cute pictures! Getting so big! :)

Lisa said...

I agree with Kalyn, he really does favor your Mom. Pictures and blog are both wonderful and full of LOVE!

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