Life at 1572: Fresh Start

Fresh Start

I have so many things I want to blog about.  I have blogger guilt.  Guilt for basically dropping this blog.  I keep trying to pick it back up, and I just haven't been able to.  I've thought long and hard about if I even want to keep blogging.  The answer is yes.  Yes, I want to keep blogging about our lives.  I love to write, but I have been struggling to find the words.  Struggling to find the time.  Struggling to find the passion I once had.  I am an avid picture taker and you can find me on Instagram everyday @amyw319  I love snapping those pictures and capturing those moments.  I want to find the time to tell the stories of our lives too.  

I have so much guilt that so much of Jack's first years are so documented, and here Grayson is a year and he barely has anything.  A guilt trip my husband likes to send me on at least once a week.  It drives me crazy, and makes me feel even worse, but I'm so happy that he takes an interest.  That he loves to look back and read the stories of our family.  

I'll admit that I lost interest when I never got any comments.  That is obviously what it shouldn't be about, but I found it hard to write feeling I didn't have an audience.  (As if reading about our little lives are even that interesting.) I've thought about making the blog private to take some of the pressure off.  Maybe, that would jump start my confidences again.  

Blogging had stopped feeling organic to me.  It felt forced.  Like just another task on my list. Something else to worry about. 

Right now, I am just going to dive back in.  Start our story again, and hopefully log some backlogs.  I need this to be for my boys.  For our family.  I am grateful for any of you that are still with me, and want to share in our journey.  

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Lisa said...

Still here just waiting for you to write. Your Mom must have passed her writing passion and ability on to you. I always enjoyed reading her writing and I enjoy yours as well!

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