Life at 1572: Grayson 14 months

Grayson 14 months

Little man is getting so big.  

He's saying several words Dadda, Mama, hi, bye-bye, and up.  

He's crawling all over the house.  He pulls up and cruises from one object to the next.  Still no interest in standing on his own or walking.  He's proven to us that all of these things will happen in his own time.

I think about his personality, and I'm not sure how to describe him.  I wouldn't call him wild, but he's not Mr. Laid Back either.  He's busy.  Busy all the time.  

He and I have been butting heads the past few days.  He has been very clingy.  Wants to be right with me, and he wants to be held.  Holding up his arms whining and crying.  I was telling Zach that I don't really remember Jack ever being that way.  The thing is Grayson doesn't like to cuddle.  He might want you to be holding him, but he's not going to be still while you are doing it.  He's busy twisting his body all around to check everything out.  Busy talking. Busy pointing at everything.  It makes me really tired.  I wouldn't mind him wanting to cling to me so much if he would just sit calmly on my lap.  Nope not this boy.  

He has a temper.  Something we NEVER saw with his brother.  Jack never ever through a fit.  Not once.  We were very lucky.  I'm pretty sure Grayson will have fit throwing mastered by age two.  Grayson is so much more ornery than Jack ever was.  I say he's just a little less sweet, and a bit more mischievous.  He's quick to get mad (Lord help me) and he's already thrown himself down a few times kicking and throwing his legs around.  Luckily, these aren't everyday occurrences.  Yet. 

He's a fairly good eater.  He won't eat meat.  Once in a while he'll take a few bites of a hamburger, but usually just spits it back out.  He's my little vegetarian.  He doesn't like carrots either.  I've tried to give them to him several times.  Sometimes I can sneak a few in, but he usually spits them out.  Other than that he's a good eater.  He likes to feed himself, but halfway through the meal he gets lazy.  I have to feed him the rest.  He just has his two bottom teeth so I'm always surprised at all the stuff he manages to eat.  His favorites right now are green beans, strawberries (he can eat an entire container himself), black beans, and cauliflower.  

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