Life at 1572: The School Year Is Coming To A Close

The School Year Is Coming To A Close

Jack is finishing up his first year of school.  His kindergarten year is almost over.  We are both getting very excited about summer.  He said he's going to miss his friends, but that he's looking forward to being home to spend time with me.  (Melt my heart. I don't think I'll have very many more summers of that)  I know I am at the point where I am looking forward to it being finished.  It has been a great year, but there isn't much more he can do.  It is getting a little tedious.  

He really has a fantastic year.  Learning so much.  Testing above average, and reading above his grade level.  That makes me so proud.  Reading isn't always so easy for boys, and I hope he keeps up his love of books.  He's had his struggles too.  He's a slow worker often coming home with assignments still left to work on.  He's had a hard time working independently.  His teacher has said he's made great strides that second half of the year.  

In the beginning and middle of the year he really had a problem with talking.  He'd come home with a bad report, and it was always for talking.  It didn't surprise me in the least.  He is Mr. Chatty Cathy.  He talks non-stop when he's here with us.  To us, to himself, just talk, talk, talk.  I think some of it comes from being like an only child.  He has to entertain himself.  He and I have had long hard talks about following the rules, and being quiet.  These last few months he's had nothing but good reports I'm so proud of his efforts.  

His reading skills impress me everyday.  He loves to bring home his weekly library book.  I wish I had kept track of the titles he's picked.  It is always a surprise.  We got a letter from his teacher telling us he's reading above his grade level.  I was playing the waiting game at the doctor's office the other day, and I asked him to read me the signs around the room.  He came to one, and read the world diabetes.  He read it without stumbling and pronounced it right and everything.  That shocked me.  I'm excited to start reading chapter books together before bed.  He's asking to start the Magic Treehouse series.  


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