Life at 1572: Boo! Happy Halloween!

Boo! Happy Halloween!

That's a silly song from my elementary days. It pops into my head this time of year. We are looking forward to Halloween. I can't believe October is over. That means November, Jack's birthday month!! We are taking Jack trick-or-treating to a few houses. We'll have to see how he does. I love Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays. Zach, had duty tonight so we can't carve our pumpkins until his half day tomorrow. I plan to try to let Jack help. He can at least play with the gushy guts, and might decorate his baby pumpkin with stickers. I bought him a pumpkin candy bucket, and he just loves playing with it. I put all kinds of little toys inside, and he gets them all out one by one.


Grandma Rosie said...

Tell Jackson Grandma Rosie said HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We can't wait to see him completely as CHARLIE BROWN. Make sure you take pictures of his pumpkin he does. (Both if he helps carve). Have fun Trick-or-Treating and can't wait to hear you sing your song once you get back here. Love you all

kalyn said...

aw i bet jack will have fun on halloween!!! have fun.

love you.

aunt evy said...

awe how cute. i hope that you guys have fun trick-or-treating.cant wait to see pictures of him.

love and miss you guys

Heather said...

Happy Halloween to the three of you!! Im sure Jack will be adorable tonight! I want to see pictures and I will put pictures of the girls up on mine. Cant wait to see you guys next month!

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