Life at 1572: Walking


Jack, is doing even more walking. Yesterday, he took 18 steps in a row. That's his record so far. He was busy moving around Pete and LeighAnn's. We also noticed him walk, fall down on his hands and knees, and then he'd get right back up and go again. Before you'd have to stand him up and encourage him to walk, or he'd fall and just crawl. He's been so happy. All smiles and excitement. I'm sorry I haven't posted any pictures. I've been trying, and I keep getting an error page.


Grandma Rosie said...

Oh how thrilling. :) He will be walking all by himself when you come home in a few weeks. But now you will really have to get the eyes in the back of you head. But as you know, mom's are made that way. So glad to hear that things seem to be getting better and better with him. Love you all

Kalyn said...

I can't believe he can almost walk by himself. I also, can't wait to see you guys when you come out! :)

Love You!

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