Life at 1572: Little Jellyfish

Little Jellyfish

Jack, just woke me in the early a.m. with his piercing screams. I keep thinking with all of this sleep training that he might decide to sleep through the night. No such luck, he has only done it twice. He is still waking once or twice a night. This is still a vast improvement so I shouldn't complain.

I had to rearrange his room the other day. He discovered if he stood at the corner of his crib he could play with the blinds. Not by the cords, don't worry! I thought it was harmless, and he'd usually only do it for a few minutes and then lay down and go to sleep. I'd hear the thwack, thwack of the blinds over the monitor and I'd smile. Little did I realize a few days of this, and he has successfully bent them at the corner. Oops. So, as I said a few days ago I moved everything. I liked it much better before, but now it seems safer. The point of all this rambling would be that now Jack is obsessed with his room. Every time, I go to nurse him, or rock him in his chair he is too distracted craning his neck to look around at his room. He points at things and babbles about them as if he's never seen them before. He even seemed to have a hard time falling asleep the first few times. I guess silly me not to think he'd really notice or care.

About the title Jellyfish. That seems kinda weird, huh? Well, this is Jack's new nickname. This kids had a thousand nicknames. I blame it on the fact that I couldn't every have one so poor Jack gets a ton of them. Here is the list or at least what I can think of. I know we are weird! Jackie, Jackie Chan, Channer, Channerbanner, J.L., JL transformed into Jelly by saying the letters together fast, and jelly fish; this one came from when I started watching Kennedy and he was super jealous. Feel free to use your favorite he responds to them all. We've found the quickest way to get a response out of him though is to call him J.L. or his first and middle name.

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Heather said...

that is a cute nickname for him!!

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