Life at 1572: Woohoo! We won!

Woohoo! We won!

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We finally got to see a Chiefs game. We wore our Chiefs attire to church, and we got a few good natured comments. It was a good game. It looked bad in the beginning, but man did they turn it around in the end. I made Zach and Jack take a family pic. (Yes, I know there are two pics posted and it is all messed up. This is the only way I could get this picture posted.) After the game we trooped over to the Home Depot so I could get soil for my planter and flowers. Still proudly sporting our red we got a few more comments, LOL! Nobody does it better than a Chiefs fan!

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Grandma Nancy said...

That's right, Chief's fans are diehard!! I'm proud of you guys for sporting your team gear around town!

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