Life at 1572: Learning all the time

Learning all the time

I've been trying to post some pictures, but for some reason it isn't working. I don't have the patience to keep messing with it so I'm going to try to figure it out tomorrow. Anyway, Jack has learned to sign the word "more". We are very proud of him, and Zach and I both got crazy excited when he did it. We had thought about teaching Jack signs and even started a few, but then we kind of let it drop. You have to be willing to do it ALL the time. Jack, was in the tub, and I was pouring water out of a cup, and he likes to feel the water run all over his hands. He kept grunting and gripping his hands with frustration when I would stop so I thought this might be my opportunity to teach him the concept of more. He picked it up pretty fast, but I still wasn't sure if it was fluke, or if he thought it meant I want water poured on me. We've worked on it, and he definitely has it down. He now signs that he wants more goldfish, cheerios, or for daddy to throw him in the air again. We may start working with other signs. We'll see how it goes.

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Kalyn said...

Love your blog. My friend Katie has one, she does hers' about fashion. Love seeing updates about everything going on out there. I can't wait until you all come out here. :)

I am very excited.

Love you.

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