Life at 1572: Sleep Update

Sleep Update

We have started using the Ferber method to help Jack get to sleep. This is the fourth day, and maybe we are getting somewhere. Instead of waking 10 times in a night, maybe it is two or three. Poor little guy has had to give up a lot no night cuddles, no night nursing, and no getting in bed with mom and dad at 3:00 in the morning. So far he's been waking up in his own room. I've also had Zach, start getting up and helping me in the night. It is just too hard for Jack to see me (the food source) come in lay him down, and then walk away. He takes it a little better when Zach does it. It is hard to hear the screaming that comes from his room, but I know we are teaching him what he needs, and in the end he's getting more rest. He's going down for his naps better, and today he even napped for an hour and a half. Hopefully, it keeps up, but I don't expect miracles.

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