Life at 1572: Yet, another pumpkin patch

Yet, another pumpkin patch

Petting the baby goatsSwinging with daddy
Yelling on the hay ride
Checkin' out the cows
We visited another pumpkin patch over the weekend. This one was really nice. It had a hay ride, petting zoo, and lots of little things for kids of all ages to do. Zach, and Jackson played on the swing set. We rode the hay ride, and it toured around the farm. Jack, loved the ride. He was busy looking at the cows, and yelling at the tractor. I think there still might be one more pumpkin patch we are going to visit. It has a giant corn maze that Zach wants to try.

1 comment:

Grandma Rosie said...

Just wondering. Are you going to these pumpkin patches for Jack or dad????? LOL
By the way, how was he at church yesterday?

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