Life at 1572: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!


Don't you just love the Chia pet commercials that show up around this time of year? Have you ever had a chia? I did, and yes I got it as a Christmas gift. I never really did it though I think I got as far as soaking the thing and that was it. All of my Christmas shopping is done, and the gifts are wrapped, and under the tree. It wasn't too much trouble considering we decided to do a low key Christmas this year. Jack, already has tons of great toys from his birthday so we decided to get him things he needs instead of toys. Things like clothes, or kitchen cabinet locks LOL no I didn't wrap those. It seems like everywhere you turn everyone is getting stressed out about the holidays. I feel blessed that my son has health, and that Zach is home with us this year.

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Heather said...

I Cant say I ever had a Chia pet! I do agree with you about Christmas presents this year. I didnt get too many for the girls either. Ivy just got a lot for her birthday and her and Constance share all thier toys anyway. It just doesnt feel the same this year though without David. Im happy that Zach is home this year with you and Jack.

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