Life at 1572: Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Okay, ya'll, (yes, i just said ya'll ;) ) know i just couldn't go to bed without a new post. We are home, and I am on my beloved internet. Checking website, looking at mail, and reading some blogs. We had to great flights. I recommend taking late flights if you have to fly with little ones. Both flights were empty enough that we could spread out. The first flight was 2 or 3 hours and Zach slept in the row behind me, Jack was spread out asleep in the seat to my left. Jack, slept the entire flight, thank goodness. I couldn't sleep b/c Jack kept moving around and I didn't want him to fall. So, I was bored so I snuck Sam out of his cage, and he curled up in his own seat on my right hidden under a sweatshirt. By the way we got away with it for those of you that know what I mean ;) The second flight was less than an hour, and Jack was raring to go. Like a good boy though he sat in his seat between Zach and I, and he ate snacks. He also looked out the window at all the twinkling lights. We talked about how they looked like the Christmas lights we saw with grandma. Now, I just dread the unpacking. Zach said we can't live out of the suite cases for a month so I guess I'll have to get to it. I want to try to get our Christmas decorations up in a few days also. Glad to be home, but at the same time I'm not. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm off to bed. Sorry, for the typos it is late, and I'm not editing.

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Grandma Rosie said...

Happy to see you made it home and that Pete didn't sleep through the picking you up. LOL And glad to hear about Sam. :)

I am sure you are glad to be back in your home and to try and get Jack back on a regular schedule.

The visit was WONDERFUL.

Hugs and Kisses to all of you.

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